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i didn't get on the train. pulling out of the station. they said it would be two hours late. pulling out. >> eric: leave it there. good story. that is it for "the five." thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. welcome to "red eye." i am tom shalou pilling in for a man named greg gutfeld. let's go to tv's andy levy for a pre game report. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> our top story, does america need a drone policy? some say yes, and others say not as long as the messiah is in charge. and chris brown quits twitter. how this fine young man was under hoed and bullied by an evil woman. and a man arrested for riffing a manatee. we will have an interview with the manatee's mother. wait until you hear what she has to say.
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>> thanks. >> gobble, gobble. >> indeed. gobble, gobble, bill loves that. i first met her during a bomb scare on an l.a. city bus. as long as the bus stayed 50 miles an hour the bomb didn't go off. we barely made it out alive. i am here with imogen lloyd webber. her latest book is called "the twitter diaries." and he was a janitor who liked to solve complex math problems. it is "the daily beast's" editor. and we cemented our friendship after he convinced me to play hook key. we had a blast in downtown chicago. it is bill schulz. and i met him during world war ii. he helped me save a friend of mine who lost three of his brothers in battle. jonathon hunt, chief correspondent for studio b and the report on fox newschannel. >> should we hone our use of
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drones? the new york times reports that prior to election day, the obama administration was developing a rule book for unmanned aircraft strikes on terrorists so that if romney won he would inherit clear guidelines. the issues are not as urgent now. obama won allegedly, but the administration is still pushing to formalize the rules and nail down exactly when deadly force is justified. they are debating whether drones should be a last resort against imminent threat to our country or something else like in pakistan where they are deployed against militants whose main grudge is with pakistani authoritiesment the president has miss givings telling one interviewer, quote, there is a remotist to it that helps us think somehow we can solve vexing security problems. for more, let's go live to qet red eye"'s correspondent chip herrington.
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>> i don't know how he got his security credentials. are we going too far with drones or not far enough? >> you are solving vexing security problems which is a nice why the stuff, but how do you do uj judge, jury and the such. you turn them into lengthy decisions and how do we do this? and you missed your target half the time. it is a very difficult question. >> wait a minute. there are two minds on this and you appear to also be of two minds. >> i am at least three minds. >> i wanted you to come in with one mind. >> i don't have a single mind. >> imogen, you thought lethal
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force was justified. why did you say that? >> absolutely. i am probably the biggest supporter of obama on this show tonight i would imagine. but honestly, i think this whole vat gee is the biggest threat to obama's legacy. i am one mind on this. it is all shart-term gain. -- short-term gain. they don't have it right at all. by 2020 there will be 30,000 drones basically spying on americans. internationally there is now an armed drones race basically you have china, iran and so forth and they will then be using armed drones as america has been. >> i thought we just have drones. >> that's why there is an arms race at the moment going on. what happens when china and when iran uses armed drones like america has been doing without any justification to international law whatsoever. america will be in trouble and obama is in trouble. this is a big problem for obama and his legacy.
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>> you hippie. >> i consider myself pro drone, but i didn't think about it. other people could have the drones too. shoot them out of the sky. >> it is going to be one big drone party there. >> michael, here is my question. where is the anti-war movement on obama? like imogen. >> internationally it is there. there was a big survey recently of 20 countries. over 50% of people in those 17 countries thought the american use of drones was outrageous. so internationally there is a big scandal about america's use of drones. >> they never have a problem with obama. >> and international communists, unreal. >> what do you think? >> you know, i am surprised the graph there and the administration said there was a concern that the believers
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may no longer be in our hands which is why they were trying to establish policy. they said it is totally fine to blow things up when we do it, but we don't trust the mitt romney guy. >> it is outrageous. >> a problematic thing about this. >> i mean beyond the killing of american citizens in yemen who didn't do much except speak imens the united states without anything -- anybody adjudicating whether or not he should be killed. it is usually problematic. the issue of the anti-war movement is a curious one. there are people like the aclu and people who are consistent on this. but most people -- >> i see your point. >> you mean the aclu and the guy from the guardian? >> so huge amount of huh poke craw see here. that's a real thing, right? >> i thought that was victoria secret. >> i wonder where they are. >> it is generally in the media. i felt like dick cheney's
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drones were the death star and obama's drone rtz millennium falcon. >> i disagree. obama -- no i disagree on that. i was ranting about this on a certain other network which many say is liberal leaning. >> look, first use drones 42 times and obama more. it is an absolute outrage. >> has it. owe bough -- that's it. obama is much worse with the drone. >> yes, he is. >> the thing is he will get off scott free. the international community love obama and they are not going to call him on it. >> they absolutely are. obama is trying to change the world into a terminator. james cameron saw it coming. >> you know what else the international community loves? stalin. think about it. >> where do you stand on
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this? are you with imogen? >> i am sitting. open your eyes. >> i think that on a fundamental level there are human rights questions here, and i should probably condemn it. having said that i have never been big on humans. i am more of a reptile monkey guy. >> that's what i say about liberals. they love humanity and they hate humans. >> i do not believe that. >> i believe that and that is actually elmo who originally said that. >> we don't want to talk about elmo. elmo is bad. >> elmo is bigger than one man. >> the other factor here is that if this is a big tool for recruiting al-qaeda and the numbers are growing larger because of these things, these drones, that's something to look into. another thing worth looking into is kaleidoscope. it is like being on acid minus coming down. >> they said there was going to be a blow back from this. there was going to be a back
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-- a backlash. no one ever liked the drones overseas. >> it shot them. >> will the tracking chip be more than a blip? a san antonio school district tested a policy requiring the kids to carry microchipped id cards that monitored their movement on campus. it has been the opposite of mott controversial. not controversial. one pupil hacked the school's website because he wrote "the district is striping away the privacy of students." wow that's eloquent. officials say they are trying it to track attendance to draw in more state funding. we asked one of the students at school to comment and here is what he said.
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>> i think he was a matriculated student. >> he does not use conditioner. >> i think that was gary busey. >> i think that was his dad. >> i applaud the man foregoing baying to get his degree. >> imogen you were born in texas. >> i have a great accent. >> didn't you later fall for landry? >> this is short-term gain for long-term problems. yes it is great, attendance goes up when you have these chips and things, but long-term what about freedom, america? in saudi arabia they get text messages when their women leave the country or something, not good. >> i always get a text message when my woman leaves the country. >> another brit, let's go to you. >> i think this is an american problem. >> i don't think this is a problem.
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clearly children need to be tracked. if they are doing something wrong you track them, and then you send in the drone. i have a moral quandry with taking out the terrorists. children no problem at all. kill them if they do something wrong. >> students every couple years we hear this about the students, right? what is the difference, michael between these electric ron nick nick -- these electronic tags and the hall passes i had to carry when i go to the boys room. >> there wasn't a computer that showed everything you were doing with the hall pass, do you see the difference there? >> or what you were doing. >> don't they have them anyway? >> they have the smart phones and they are always eke whiching into four -- they are always checking into four square and whatnot. >> they have the games and the faces. >> unbelievable. >> this is an outrage. this is an absolute outrage. >> i love it. >> it is like, look, the key point of that story, and i keep on coming back because i
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miss the key points of stories this is the funding. >> why can't they get state funding? >> because they preside over the worst school on earth. they are like nobody shows up. i mean, look, you could get better attendance if you could put them in cages. >> that's a great idea. i love that. >> speaking of which, i have to ask this of both of you brits. why do you call public school private school and private school public school? >> i didn't go to public school, but in the british sense i am not smart enough. >> when they say public school they are talking about -- >> he was an orphan and lived on gruel. you are asking the wrong person. >> bill, you are probably in favor of these. wouldn't it be handy if you wake up in a strange place and then you pull out the chip. >> i am not a child. these children today, these
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helicopter moms won't allow them to go or do anything. kids must learn the hard way. i had more scars between the ages of 5 and 10 than i did for the rest of my life, and i am proud of every single one. >> i was tied to a tree. >> and it was also because you are hypoglycemic and you wear a helmet, and it is a separate issue. but you have the kids with the leashes like puppy people, and they can't get more than like five feet away from their mom. this is for their own good, but sometimes for their own good is to do something bad. >> i used to go at school -- there was a hill, and i would go over the hill and then it was called "the hill" and you would have bags of things that you would roll up into little -- you know. i didn't want people knowing about that. >> i know what you are talking about. >> enormous cranes with necks like this -- >> you grew up in tokyo? >> i was into folded things. >> you must me drones.
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>> from chips to flips, is fun futile if genders are neutral? i made that work. sweden's largest toy chain published a christmas catalog with boys playing with dolls and girls with plastic machine guns. plastic? come on. said the top toys sales, there is nothing right or wrong. it is not a boy or girl thing. it is a toy for children. the company may be trying to fit in with the swedish thing. the swedish government spent $16 million in the last four years promoting gender equality in schools with laws requiring on reversing male and female stereo types. the country has proposed a new pronoun to replace he and she. hen is the word. who came up with that? a bunch of men hens. of hens. what about species neutral. let's check in with greg on
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his book tour. >> he is getting a lot of sun, isn't he? >> yes. >> michael, is this gender neutral stuff an idea whose time has come or an idea whose time has not and never will come? >> there was a great word play there. can i go with the last one that i can't repeat because it was con vow -- con vow lewded? the hand thing is funny. the two pronounce -- the two pronouns -- they are basic he and her things, and they were changed last year because somebody wrote a children's book and it said we can't have the kids living under this yolk of gender oppression. we have to change it and then everything will be fine. that's great. >> was i right? >>- q. i it is hen.
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-- >> it is hen. yes, but this is probably the least outrageous thing the swedish government does. i love the photo with the machine guns. something swedes will never hold if they are men in the military or young boys. it is really a nonissue with the whole machine gun. >> is it nature or nurture? do we need to instruct these kids, or will they find their own way? >> 16.3 million dollars is spent by the swedish government on this since 2008, and we wonder why europe has a few money prabz. money problems. >> sweden is doing well jie. we always know people in sweden have gender issues. look at what those guys in abba used to wear. >> that used to be the poster on my wall. >> europe's "the final countdown." >> i think guys come out on the bad end of this. everyone knows girls can do what they want. i have two daughters.
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one likes dolls and the other likes spider-man and the action figures. don't you think it is the guys who are getting hurt in this gender neutral stuff? >> i would say the guys are getting hurt if i chose to see gender which i do not. i have a new swede approved toy. this is the bill schulz action figure. action bill comes with three daughters. as you can see i have a microphone and there is a pinch and intern puppet wearing a gender neutral outfit. and the thing about the bill schulz action doll is the gender may be neutral, but the fun is in fourth gear. >> last word to you. what do you think? >> first of all, i am not sure girls with machine guns is a christmas catalog. when i last looked it was a magazine seen in a different category. and 15.9 million byes you --
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buys you a cup of coffee. >> doesn't that promote mill tearism? >> i don't mind. i am raising my kids in new york. a girl was bang, bang, banging with a boy in the playground and he said no guns. she said, it is not real. >> that's great. coming up, what is the story behind fish and chips? why he named his biceps on the greatest meal. why did chris brown quit twitter?
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he is better at beating than he is to tweeting. alleged r&b singer chris brown deleted his twitter account after the singer was increasingly foul-mouthed and drew national attention. it started with brown tweeting "i look as old as [bleep. i am only 23". jenni said i know being a worth lease piece of [bleep] can age a person. i can't read it back and forth. brown's tweets talked about doing things to johnson. and then sometime sunday night people trying to go to brown's twitter page were greeted with this instead. it is so sad. meanwhile, an actual sad news brown's ex, rihanna, whom the singer beat the crap out of,
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insta grappled a shirtless picture of him passed out on his bed insinuated that the two are back together. come on, is jenni johnson a national hero or what? >> she is great. you have to love twitter. celebrity's best friend and worst enemy at the same time. the one thing about chris brown is he invalidates his insulting tweets because they are spelled so badly and they have bad grammar. the minute they insult or use bad grammar it is pointless. >> he called a ho an hoe. maybe it gives him credit. maybe it means they are not prostitutes and are potential gardeners. >> this is a tough guy, chris brown. why do you think he deleted his twitter account? >> i don't care. i just am glad he did. i think itunes should delete his music and stop talking about him and stop buying it. he is an ignorant whatever, disgusting man, awful,
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deserves to disappear off the face of the planet and not just twitter. >> the old ignore it and it will go away. they will talk about it. >> can i talk about it? >> you can. >> i thought we were moving on there. >> i was scared. >> he is disgusting. >> isn't the sad part -- i can't even joke about it. >> i don't even know what to say to that. i didn't know that was true when i saw the insta gram. that is actually right? she is back together with him? well then they are two stupid people. look, it is true. it is like, you know what, the incredible thing is the sexism and the massage knee which i can't believe people are not pouring this on him all the time. if you look at the tweets he wrote to her, which i can't read out loud, if i wrote them i would lose my job immediately. i did lose my job immediately, but that was for something else. it was totally different. it was a rally i went to.
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i didn't know the party was that extreme. it is a long story. this is like take them teeth out when blank and it is like, really? why does this guy still have -- michael richards doesn't have a career anymore. >> he still has team breezy on there. >> why does he have a record deal? what is a breezy? is that some sort of -- >> they are his fans. they are team breezy. they love breezes. >> they are a bunch of ignorant fools, team breezy. >> how dare you? i think these tweets have proved what i said all along. chris brown is a misunderstood genius and rihanna is a lucky, lucky woman. hash tag team breezy, y'all. i have been trying to do a twitter feed with brett bear so i am moving on. >> what is his called, team berry? >> you taught me this is all
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farce. he was able to get back his followers. >> he will. he hillary constitute them in no time. do you have a comment on the show in e-mail at fox do you have a video of your animal doing something? go to fox and we might just use it. the half time report from tv's andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by butterflies. the inseptembers that develop from cater pillars and have two broadly colored wings. thanks, butterfly.
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we are back. let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong. let's go to andy levy. >> how are you, tom? >> great, andy. highway are -- great andy. how are you? >> nice. >> it is nice to have the host ask that and have you seen sincere. >> it comes from the heart. >> not used to that. thank you, thank you sir. obama administration and jones. jonathon, you said you don't have a problem with killing those who want to kill us. you know, we are going to get letters. are you not here tomorrow. we have to be here tomorrow. we will get letters. just don't say anything. >> who sends letters anymore? >> we get letters. a lot written in purple. >> people want to kill americans send your letters to jonathon hunt and not us. >> send them to me.
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unreal imogen, -- >> imogen, i am with you. we won't be able to say anything about it. >> you will try to say something and everybody will go, no. >> i know you are not saying that america can be hipocritical sometimes. i know you didn't just say that. >> no, but here is the thing, andy. britain has behaved far worse on every level interest nationally. we completely messed up the middle east. >> saved by the bell. >> we know what your bread and butter, sister. >> michael, you are completely right. the huh poke craw see is staggering and it is the huh poke craw see of the american left. here is a thought problem and maybe you can answer this. if a drone operator here in the states conducts a mission over say yemen or pakistan and kills people can someone come
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here and find out where the operator lives and kill him. is that a justified act of war? >> this is what happens in gaza. we were talking about the assassination of the hamas leader and would it be an assassination or terror attack if they attacked the netanyahu? no it is their game. i want to be fair here. i saw a few and i won't mention by name that are conservative. they did all of a sudden and were opposed to the drone war. we are not so much in 2008 and 2007. >> they have evolved. >> i can't actually find the silver bullet that explains why they evolved. >> i don't know if i would use that word. >> it makes our drones look like r2d2. people wouldn't have a problem with it. >> and then they would kill people?
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>> kill them with kisses. >> tom, what do you think about this? since opposition seems to be if you are a terrorist adjacent, you are a terrorist? that's the position we have taken with these drones? can these same people come and blowup the drone operator's house, and say they were near the drone operator? >> that would be bad. >> are we not sort of giving them the justification for doing that? >> yes, we are. and imogen made me think. she filled my mind with the image of drones filling the sky. by the time the drones come over here, i think we will be able to pick them out of the air. >> we will have our own iron drones. >> it is not a moral question because we can shoot them down. >> force field, what happened to the force field they promised us. >> why not fly up in our jet
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packs. >> wouldn't mind doing that. >> tracking high school kids. you asked what the difference is between a tracking chip and a hall pass you used to carry. the hall pass couldn't be used to monitor where you were at all times. >> that's what i said. >> you were supposed to write it down. >> it said where you were going. and then if they cut you out on the football field and say give me that pass, this says bathroom. you are grounded. >> it would say you are an idiot . >> being older and wiser i should have written football field on there. >> you deserve to get caught for being stupid. shame on you for suggesting the students should be put in cages. >> i said tiger cages. >> i cannot believe you said that. >> i was saying you could go there too. >> i am not usually team
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anonymous, but i am team anonymous on this one. >> the hackers? or just being anonymous in general. >> i am definitely big fans of that. >> that's the clubs you go to. >> you know what my problem is, they won't reveal who they are. >> that's weird. >> team easy. >> tom, you asked why private schools are called public schools in england. >> what is the deal with that? >> since no one from england could answer that question -- >> how about the guy from long island named levey. >> i believe the term was used to distinguish -- to talk about institutions that were open to pretty much anyone who would pay to go there. as opposed to religious institutions which were only open to members of that copy church. >> that's ridiculous. >> and they were private or public? >> they were considered private. i don't know if they were
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called private. i have never been to england. >> we are clear on that. >> the schools that were called public like eaton and schools like that were schools not religiously affiliated and also are not for profit. >> exactly. anally is correct. we were talking >> andy is correct. >> i am having trouble because i am watching the -- i watch all of these british dramas on tv and he say, well, that's not for me. i didn't go to public school. i don't understand what they are talking about. >> they are talking about private school. >> everything in the british drama is the opposite. >> and we all peaked on the field all the time. >> and they called it number two. >> it is a different pronunciation. >> gender neutral choice. none of you brought this up. you will teachers and girls it is okay to play with guns so when you grow up you will have people crazy one month of the
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year owning glocks? i don't think so. h is a horrible idea, and this is why at least here in america women are not allowed to own guns. >> i did point out the inherent mill tearism. they replaced the sexism with malitarism. there will be 17-year-old girls invading norway with plastic guns. >> there is a plip side to that, an -- there is a flip side to that, andy. >> i don't think it is a big deal. i think women should own guns. >> paul ryan's daughter just shot her first deer. >> this is when i am saying. >> jonathon, i want to hear more about this girls with machine guns magazine. >> tom has it right now. >> don't go to tom. >> it is rolled up. >> imogen, michael, you are both writers, allegedly.
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>> wouldn't it be good if we had a gender neutral pronoun in evening -- in evening lish. >> isn't it hard to write he or she. >> it is hard to write female or male. you have to write two extra letters. so yes, it is. it is annoying. >> i can see there was a lot of support for my idea there. >> chris brown, and a sad story. jonathon, you said chris brown deserves to disappear off the planet. the truth is you are jealous of his success? >> no. i am not jealous of the sheets he was photographed on. did you see the logo? chris brown is disgusting. chris brown should go away forever, end of story. end of story please. >> andy, i am confused. slayer?ou the original chris >> i don't know if i was the first. certainly i was the best. >> look, jenni is a friend of
12:39 am
mine and this is her time to shine. the fact that i did it first and better should not even enter into this. let it be about her. i don't like to be selfish about thicks -- about things i have done better and first. >> two quick things, the general sense is rihanna back with brown, yes. i take you are completely unfamiliar with the music industry. >> i didn't even know who he was. at least ike turner could play a guitar. >> he is an untalented ike turner. >> good point. >> queen of the "red eye" twitter hash tag informed me there is another twitter account that may be chris brown's. he might have have had two. it is at inning king breezy --
12:40 am
but we haven't verified. >> prvt. >> well, if the private is in question it could be syphillis. >> i don't know want to know. i am done. >> thank you, andy. coming up, can you be arrested for riding a manatee? based on my question i am guessing yes.
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can she disavow riding a sea cow. a woman has been arrested two months ago riding a manatee. the sea mammals are in danger, and according to the state's fan gnaw tee -- manatee sanctuary act, it was by any means or any manner intentionally or negligently to annoy, mow lest, harass or disturb or attempt to molest or harass or disturb any manatee. when won fronted anna gloria garcia gutierrez said, quote,
12:44 am
was that wrong? should i not have done that? actually the 53-year-old claimed she didn't know it was illegal. the max penalty is a $600 fine. let's discuss in the -- >> lightning rooooouuuunnnnndd. lightning round. imogen, if this mammal -- it is a mammal, isn't it? >> i don't know. i have never heard of it. >> if it wasn't hurt, let's let by gones be by gones. >> well, precisely that. you have done a service by highlighting this this evening. i didn't know about this before. i am now aware if i go to florida i must not go anywhere near mammals. >> have you been to florida? >> have i been to florida. i have been to florida. >> i have been hearing about this for years. >> what is the deal? why is the manatee so gentle and protected? we ride mammals all the time. i don't know if the viewers at
12:45 am
home are like -- set the dvr because i am riding a whale tonight. you are right. the license plates apparently haven't solved anything. the law is fantastic. you can't annoy a manatee? and then there is also an intense clause, like -- or attempt to. if you fail to annoy the manatee , that is still illegal. >> and they had a press conference. we have to find this woman on the manatee. >> they actually did this. >> the press conference they were looking for her. >> yes, they were looking for her. they were like, we need somebody, please. there is a woman riding a manatee. it is insane. it is going to destroy america. it is a hideous looking creature. >> it is.
12:46 am
>> i have been down to florida on one of those ridiculous tourist boat tours where they go out and promise to find you a manatee. you never see one when you pay somebody $50. >> they have been telling everybody hands-off. maybe the manatee like most of us loves the loving touch of of a human being. >> i think you are right. would you like to know about man gnaw toe lore? manatee lore? back in the olden times it was thought that the original stories were sailors mistaking manatees for a half woman, half fish. that leads me to believe that back in the day of pirates they were doing a different manatee riding. this see cow should be happy that's all that happened to her.
12:47 am
>> which is the sea cow? >> the key cow was a -- the sea cow was the manatee. >> the things that happen when at sea. >> next topic. a newspaper in montana has disciplined a copied for for adding the word "allegedly" to the line obama was born in hawaii. after readers pointed out the edition, they issued an editor's note saying, quote, our copy has made an error in editing the associated press story about president obama's trip to asia and his place of birth. it was a poor attempt at humor and poor decision. but it was not intended to be printed in the paper. was this all humor? you know the intricacies of the disoir. of the story. were they lying? >> they were clearly lying. in the tweet chris brown is like, i'm just kidding you
12:48 am
about beating you in the face thing. it is a common response to say i am kidding. clearly they were kidding, but it was published in the newspaper. there is a newspaper article out there. it only ran in montana, but whatever. >> the amazing thing is they didn't fire this clown. he should be fired. >> who do you fire? do you fire the ap -- >> listen, i want to fire the ninny of a reader who wrote in here. >> what a fuss budget. i assumed it was british thing. >> a fuss budget? >> imogen, can you define fuss budget for us? >> no, i can't. it is not humor as i know it or as i understand it. maybe the first thing was
12:49 am
funny like in 2008 when hillary basically proved it didn't exist. if it was true the clintons would have found it during the primary campaign. >> i think it was just the kind of thing that greg gutfeld says on this show all the time. are you saying -- >> imogen said it stopped being funny in 2008. >> it is time to take a break. we will talk about something when we come back, something good.
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last topic. on saturday south korean rap star psy's video "ganghm style" was the most watched video ever. it edged past justin bieber's video for his song about a baby. but is it deserving of such an honor? have i never seen it. i have never seen this video. not even a section. let's take a look so i can watch it. >> ♪ gangham style ♪ ganghnam style ♪ hey sexy lady
12:54 am
>> this is it? >> uh, ya. you are welcome. >> is it a guy thing? i am the alpha male. imogen, does this appeal to women, this guy? >> i love him. he is absolutely fantastic. anybody that beats justin bieber, great, well done. he listed his favorite hobby asking which is phenomenal. and he got his training in boston. >> probably the boston conservatory or berkeley. he seems like a berkeley guy to me. >> are you attracted to this? >> i watched a little bit, and this is the first time i have ever wished that kim ill song won the war. >> he is lansing -- he is dancing -- >> in your lead in the headline is gannam style is
12:55 am
the most watched video ever. does it deserve the honor? it is just numbers. it is the most watched video ever because it has the most people -- >> i thought the most popular video ever was the history of dance. i thought that was the biggest one. >> all i will say is 805 million people have watched this, that is an argument in itself for drones. >> it seems like a small group of people watching it over and over and over again. >> are you a comedian. what happened to the guy doing the puppets? >> he is big. >> he is big. >> i always loved peanut. he was my favorite one. >> and carrottop. >> we will close things out with andy levy.
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back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> jonathon, for those weird enough who want to see you again where should they check you out? >> studio b and the fox report every day with chet and the fastest growing on-line show in the universe with literally dozens of viewers. >> are you catching up to gangnam style. imogen what's up with the what's up, app? >> word of warning, if you got the what's up app if you press it it messages all of your people in your address book even your exes who you said you would never talk to again. >> i i was delighted to get it nevertheless. >> something about a video? >> oh yes. there is a number of possible responses to that. this morning i was hanging out with

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